A sunshade has benefits that go beyond avoiding heat inside the car. Avoiding the warming of the cabin in the internal part of the vehicle could help the health of those who use a car every day to be of better quality, this is because the interior of a car is a toxic place.

The car cabin is made of different materials, from rubber, leather, vinyl, different types of plastics and polyurethane, some of these could produce harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.

The wear of these materials increases in a car that is exposed to the sun. From 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the different elements of these materials mix with the air inside the car.

Why use a sunshade? The quality of the indoor air depends mainly on the temperature and ventilation, which is why, in a car exposed to the sun for a long time, the chemical elements released by 40% increase compared to a vehicle in the shade.

When you cannot easily choose a shadow to park the vehicle, it is very important to have a cover to protect it from direct rays passing through the glass that will increase the internal temperature.

Hercules Car offers you 2 sunshade sizes which adapt to most vehicles, these sizes are presented in 3 classic colors, and we also have them with a variety of printed designs to create your own style.

If you think about the health of your family and the protection of your vehicle, don’t forget to buy a sunshade from Hercules Car.

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