wax carnauba

This wax is the preferred wax for its characteristics and multiple uses mainly in the automotive sector, where it is used to protect and brighten the paint of the bodywork of cars.

Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax is obtained by extracting it from the leaves of the Brazilian palm that grow from the Copernicia Cerifera tree. It is the hardest natural wax that exists in the market.

By applying carnauba wax to the body of the car, we can make the colors look more vivid and the mirror effect is shown in its maximum splendor, which is why it is the favorite wax of all car lovers.

Factors that can damage and dull the body.

The Carnauba wax not only gives us the maximum shine, it also protects the car paint against environmental contaminants, rain, sun rays and dirt.

Carnauba waxes are not easy to apply

They do not have the durability of synthetic sealants, but we forget all this when we see the final result since no sealant on the market will give the same brightness and depth of color that carnauba wax can achieve.

If you just bought a new car

It is recommended to apply this wax to keep the paint intact and with its original shine, if on the other hand it is a second car and has some imperfections, spots or small scratches it is recommended to apply some polishing compound to remove scratches or worn paint and then protect the surface of the paint with carnauba wax.

Normally, carnauba wax takes 10 to 20 minutes to dry after applying it. To determine when the excess wax has dried enough you just have to do a simple test.

Run your finger across the surface you waxed, if you remove the dry residue and the surface of the paint is shiny, then the wax can be removed with a microfiber cloth; If the wax stays stuck or stains the surface, you need to allow it to dry a little more.

Do not leave your car unprotected

Protecting it with wax lengthens the life of the paint. Apply a protective wax with carnauba at least twice a year.

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