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The windshield is one of the most exposed and delicate surfaces of automobiles. That is why you should take more care than we normally give you. At the most, when we take to wash the car, they spray it with a little soap and dry it with any cloth. Have you ever thought about the importance and the need to give it a proper cleaning?

Have you ever thought about the importance and the need to give it a proper cleaning?

Daily driving will coat the windshield with a variety of contaminants that regular glass cleaners can not remove, not even ordinary soap.

 Our recommendation

From here we recommend cleaning products specially designed for the windshield, such as the Hercules Car Glass Cleaning Liquid which keeps the glass clean and free of stains. It is very easy to use, just spray the cleaner on the windshield on both sides and polish dry with the microfiber towels that Hercules Car offers you.

In addition, the windshield has the largest vertical exposure area, which means that it often dirties very easily and even suffer scratches or minor damage when you go on the road. There are glass cleaners for cars that eliminate water spots and road contamination. In the market there are several brands and models available. It is also important to invest in a microfiber cloth that will help dry and clean the windshield without scratching it.

If the windshield has serious stains, you can also use Turtle Wax Dash and Glass, applying it with a microfiber cloth.

Keep in mind that a glass cleaner or stain remover, no matter how good it is, can not fix the windshield damage caused by road stones or other elements. If the glass is very chopped, scratched or stained, you may have to replace it.

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