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The interior of the car is important to have it clean as much as possible, it is a task that we should not neglect, it is there where we spend many hours in our vehicle and, if we take a passenger, could take a bad impression if we do not take into account the interior cleaning. Here we show you how to clean the inside of the car yourself.

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to completely empty the car, the ashtray, the glove compartment, vacuum, both on the floor, removing the carpets, and the dashboard and seats.

Step 2:

Once this is done, let’s go to the next step, clean the dashboard thoroughly. It is advisable to use a cleaning fluid specially designed for these parts of the car. We will use a microfiber cloth preferably, do not forget to clean the steering wheel and the interior of the doors, as well as the back of the seats.

Step 3:

So we come to the tapestry. This is only necessary if after vacuuming, we observe some stain that we have to eliminate. For this, we can use foams specially created for upholstery. We also need a soft bristle brush to rub.

Step 4:

Now it is time to clean the carpets, so that they are left clean before putting them back in their place. The first thing we have to do is remove them and shake them vigorously to eliminate the dust. Then, I suggest using a brush and the same solution with which we clean the dashboard. Expose them to the sun and when they are dry, return them to your site.

Step 5:

How to eliminate undesirable odors, one of the most common is the snuff, the first thing is to clean the ashtray very well, that there are no traces left in it. We can buy a spray freshener with odor eliminator, there are even products to clean upholstery, vinyl and others, which contain an odor eliminator additive.

If the goal is to acclimate the car in general, you can buy hanging air fresheners which will help to maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside the car.

By last

Finally, we advise you to always have a cloth on hand with which you can clean any event that happens unexpectedly.

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