The care of the leather seats of the car warrants the use of specific products for this purpose, avoids personal moisturizers, in the long run they could cause undesired effects.

In addition to proper cleaning, the first tips are directed to keep skin in good condition, it is important to avoid direct sunlight, We recommend using a sunshade if you are in the sun and act immediately before a spot.

Step 1:

Keeping them clean is the most important part of car seat care.
Keep the skin free of dust is essential, I recommend that every week you spend a vacuum to remove it.

Step 2:

Once a month apply a specialized product for cleaning the skin. For nothing in the world. Use personal moisturizers, over time can produce unwanted effects.

Step 3:

After having vacuumed to remove any dirt, use a cloth Microfiber to apply special cleansing foam for skin. This can be found in supermarkets or in auto-accessories stores.

Step 4:

After making the surfaces clean, apply a skin lotion with a sponge. This product will help the skin of the car seats to stay hydrated with the passage weather.

Step 5:

It is recommended that you always carry special cleaning cloths for the skin in the car in case, during a trip, some product falls in the seats and you do not have time to stop clean it You can buy them, too, in a supermarket.

Step 6:

To prevent the skin from becoming discolored and cracked, it prevents the sun from hitting the seat completely. skin of the car. Park on a covered roof or in areas where you may be in the shade. Yes none of the above is possible, place a tapasol when you are under the sun.

By last

In case the skin is already aged or cracked, you can purchase specific products to rejuvenate her. Apply the product with a microfiber cloth and leave it for more than 4 hours. It is recommended that you read the manufacturer’s instructions so that the results are optimal. Remember: never under the sun!

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