Cleaning the fabric seats of the car will help you avoid odors due to accumulated dirt or stains that have not been removed in time. You can do it yourself with homemade products and cleaners of professional quality.

Step 1:

To start, it is recommended that once a week you pass a vacuum cleaner. Starts from the center part of the seat outwards and emphasizing the place where the backrest and seat meet, in this area there tends to accumulate the greatest amount of dirt.

Step 2:

After vacuuming, you have two options to complete the cleaning of the seats:

    • Use a specific dry foam that you have to apply for the upholstery and leave it on for a few minutes, the time will vary depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer and the level of dirt.
    • Use a sponge moistened lightly with water and lathered with laundry detergent.

Step 3:

When you do the cleaning do it with all the doors open, let air the seats at least half an hour when you have finished.

If any spill has left stain, you must act immediately, to prevent the fabric from absorbing it and it is impossible to remove the dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to bring in the car, wet towels with which you can clean the stain at first.

Step 4:

Now, we explain how to attack some stains with products you have at home and then you can restore the originality of the fabric with professional products:

  • Vomiting: the most effective is water and liquid soap.
  • Mud: when dry, rub with a brush without wetting and, once the dirt is removed, clean the area with a damp brush.
  • Fat: use aggressive products that have components such as benzene or acetone. If you have a degreaser on hand, it is a good option.

By last

With these simple steps, you can keep the fabric seats of your car in good condition and ensure that the interior remains free of bad odors.

Written by Jonathan Machín

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