The tires in the vehicles are the first to get dirty, they are the pieces that get dirty because they are filled with mud and splashes of water or any substance that may be on the ground. Its cleaning is not difficult, even if they are very dirty. Today we explain how to clean the aluminum wheels of your car in different ways. Discover the tips to make your wheels look … as new!


With a hose, sprinkle abundant water on the limits of the car to eliminate as much dirt as possible. It is important that the water has pressure to drag all the dirt. So, then it will be easier to remove the spots. Then, you have to dry rin by rin.


A specific product is applied to clean the wheels. In general, although it depends on what you use, it is convenient to let the product act between two or three minutes. Do not exceed the time in the instructions. A good advice so that this does not happen is to clean one by one instead of applying the product to the four of them at the same time.


Past the waiting time, you must clarify the wheels to eliminate the product. To do this, use a damp cloth or follow the recommendations of use of the manufacturer of the product you applied.


Clean the rest of the surface with a specific brush for the wheels. This will make it easier to clean the radios. A good trick is starting at the front.


The process finishes by applying the rinse aid The Hercules Wheel Cleaner is specially designed for aluminum wheels.

The best way to clean the aluminum wheels is to follow the steps recommended by all professionals and car wash centers. A process a little longer than others, but with which you will get very good results, especially if the wheels are very dirty. Regardless of whether you use other faster methods, it is good that at least once or twice a year you do the cleaning with this method.

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