The most exposed part to catch the dirty of the car is the roof. We know that, although it is complex, the roof must be cleaned frequently, because it represents a very important part of the vehicle. You just need a little extra effort especially for the discomfort of the position that you must adopt to do it.


1. To clean it, do not use water, use a microfiber towel. Review the surface of the roof with it, carefully and very gently. Keep in mind that the roof is sensitive and that you can not hit it or hit it with excessive force. Always run the cloth in the same direction and make sure there is no residue left. The roof is a source of dirt, but the microfiber takes everything.

  • 2. Once the dirt has been removed, the roof must be cleaned. Use a cleaning product that is exclusive to the type of material with which the roof is made, otherwise you could damage it. Check with the manufacturer and be clear about the product you need before using it.
  • 3. Spray the roof of the vehicle with the cleaning product. Let it take effect and make sure that the roof is well impregnated with the substance.
  • 4. Use another microfiber cloth, not the same as before, to make a new pass with the roof, this time dragging and removing the cleaning product. Once you move the cloth, you will appreciate how all the dirt that could have been left on the roof comes out. When finished, the roof should be almost as good as new.
  • If there are persistent stains, use other cleaning products for the vehicle, or resort to homemade solutions, such as a mixture of water and soap, or water and degreaser. Do it in moderation and when you finish, let it dry.

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