The cleaning of the lights of the car, be it the front lights, the turn signals or the taillights should be something that we should do from time to time. The screens or micas tend to dull and reduce the brightness of the lighting, so we must clean more deeply the lights of the car to avoid accidents.

Step 1:

The first step is to put the car in a correct location to clean the lights. The ideal place is in a flat place, well lit, ideal if it is natural light. In addition, it must be a day with good environmental temperature

Step 2:

The next step is to clean the lights with a mixture of warm or hot water and liquid soap. We are going to rub the lights well with the water, for this we will use a soft sponge well wet.

Step 3:

The next step will be to dry the lights with a cotton cloth. The cloth should be well dry and clean so that the lights are very clean.

Step 4:

The next thing is to polish the glass that covers the lights of the car for it we will use a polishing cream and we will apply it in the glass, it is not necessary to apply much since the polisher that we will use later will scatter the product by the lights of the car. If we do not have a polisher we can use a Polishing Glove multiple use of Hercules Car.

Step 5:

To achieve a perfect cleaning of the lights, it is advisable to use a mechanical polishing machine with a very soft sandpaper that we will glide through the lights gently to finally make them bright, clean and translucent.

Step 6:

To finish the cleaning of the lights we will pass the cotton cloth again to remove all the imperfections that may
have remained.

By last

The final result is spectacular and the lights of your car will be perfect, you will notice when turning on the light, you will see how they shine more and the power of illumination is greater.

Written by Jonathan Machín

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